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Winter Activities in Val di Non


Summer Activities in Val di Non

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Canyon guided tours

The Canyons of Valle di Non are worth a visit.  Canyon Rio Sass and Novella River Park  are the special attractions of the valley. These excursions are an exciting adventure, you will discover hidden canyons that combine history and geology through a sequence of equipped walkways, bridges and up and down flights of hidden steps.

Escursioni nei canyon in Val di Non

Mountain bike

The Val di Non, with its mild hills, the numerous country roads winding through apple orchards and the softly undulating landscape is definitely one of the Trentino areas most suited for bikers.

The Val di Non area included in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, is part of the “Dolomiti of Brenta Bike Trails”: an exciting ring-shaped itinerary running around the  Dolomiti of Brenta.
High mountain trails are certainly a challenge not to be missed for expert bikers who can reach enchanting destinations above 2,000 meters along gravel roads and technical trails.

In Coredo there are 4 itineraries with different lenghts and difficulty, the trails are mainly on valley floor cycle paths, unpaved paths, and country roads suitable for family groups, and less trained bikers that can enjoy a pleasant bike-ride.

Mountain Bike in Val di Non

Trekking in Val di Non

The Val di Non offers countless excursion for hiking lovers from high mountains of the Brenta Group to the Group of the Maddalene, or just among apple orchards, or on the way to discover ancient history and sacred sites.

Trekking in Val di Non