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Winter Activities in Val di Non


Summer Activities in Val di Non

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Itinereries on the snow with snowshoes (ciaspole)

An outing on snowshoes is truly a unique experience, that brings those that participate in this adventure back to the past, when snowshoes were the only way for people that lived in the mountains to move about during the winter, especially when there was a heavy snowfall.

Walking along with snowshoes on an immaculate blanket of snow, enjoying the silence of the forest, discovering the many trails left behind by animals as they move about searching for food, will allow you to experience the mountain in a different aspect.  Why not give it a try?

Escursioni con le racchette in Val di Non

Winter excursions

Breath taking mountain peaks of Trentino are the ideal place for mountain lovers, for hiking or just for a simple walk.  During the winter you can experience  a full choice of itenereries and sport excursions.

If you want to breath the pure mountain air and have a fresh look without getting tired, a quiet walk around Coredo will give you a burst of energy to the body and spirit even during the  winter season.

The beatiful winter landscape seems to be the perfect place for a quiet walk in the midst of nature.

Escursioni invernali nella natura


Just grab your sled and head to the nearest snow covered hill. A winter activity where you don’t need much to have fun.

Slittare in Val di Non

Ice skating

The naturally cooled Coredo ice-skating rink is located at the sports ground not far from our apartments where you can enjoy ice skating during the day or at night.

Pattinaggio su ghiaccio

Cross-Country Skiing

In Valle di Non you will find  2 trails of about 2 km at the Sette Larici - starting at 1150 m;
- 1 trail of 3 km, starting from the Sette Larici towards the road leading to the mountain  of Coredo;
- 1 trail at the summit of Predaia of about 3 km (without tracks), ascent is by ski lift and continued on foot, or a 10 minute walk beyond the Predaia refuge;
- 1 trail around the lakes of  Coredo and Tavon  (during the opening weekends also opened at night).

Sci di fondo in Val di Non

Skiing with your family by the Altopiano of Predaia

L’Altopiano della Predaia is one of the three skiing areas in Valle di Non . There are variuos slopes equipped with ski-lifts and moving walkways.

“Predaia Park” is a snow park for the entire family, with children's runs, sled tracks, games on the snow, trails for cross-country skiing, a ski-school and sport equipment rental service.

Sciare con la famiglia sul Altopiano delle Predaia